Promoting the Use Of Dog Crates.
Many  Dog Owners Do Not Appreciate
The Benefits for Their Dog and for Themselves. 

Just watch the start of the video below and find out why dogs will just love their dog crate.

Donna teaching dog crate training
Donna Stanley

She breeds Yellow and Black Labradors 

Watch even just the beginning of her video and you will learn
the reasons why she loves dog crates.
Double Click on the video to view in full screen after it has started.
She is an experienced dog breeder and knows everything there is to know about raising healthy and happy dogs and the value of providing your dog with a den of his own, where he will feel comfortable and  secure and relaxed.

Labradors make wonderful pets. Should you think of owning one go to her website at

Here are some of our recommended products

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A dog sitting in hisdog crate

iCrates for Dogs
These iCrates are a little lighter than the Life Stages Dog Crates. They are a great help in the potty training of your  puppy.

a chart for choosing the right size dog cage

Dog Crate Chart
This Chart helps you to find the right size dog crate for your dog.
This is important to help
your dog feel secure in his den.

dog crate bed with a happy dog

Dog Crate Beds
These beds help to make your dog's den really comfortable.
They are machine washable.  
You can put them in the dryer.

Column 1

dog crate training also known as dog cage training

Free Dog Training.
these videos cover basic dog training and you will learn "How" to train your dog. An obedient dog is a happy dog with a happy owner.

Column 3

a dog den with a happy dog

Life Stages Dog Crate
Crates should never be used for punishment or as a prison.
Do proper crate training and your dog will love his den.

grain free dog food

Purina Dog Food
Purina is a well known brand.
They use natural sources.  
There are several other brands that we promote on the dog food page.

a dog cage cover for a dog crate

Dog Crate Covers
These dog crate covers come in camouflage or in black.
They really help with giving your dog his own private space.

Dog Crates are not cruel, just the opposite if the dog is trained right. 
Wild dogs have dens and his dog crate can be his very own den.

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